yarr. (aliwakiki) wrote in your_world,

Hello there!
-My name is Ali. I am fourteen years old and live in the unknown state of Minnesota.
-I like music a lot and I have a band. I play bass guitar in the band and guitar just for my own amusement.
-I really enjoys checkered shoes, boys with shaggy hair, hedgehogs, Jack Skellington and kareoke machines.
-I do not like the idea of the US going to war with Iraq, George Bush, going to bed early, Avril Lavigne, people being mean to animals and houses that look incredibly plain.
-I am a vegetarian, like getting into other peoples business and can't seem to be able to walk correctly up or down staircases.

There you go. That is me.
This community seems really spiffy, by the way.

AIM screen name: I speak sushi

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