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Maybe I should give myself a proper introduction as this is what seems to be what all are doing in this community.. Or maybe I won't be like others..


Meh, My name is Tiffany, I like to do illegal things and have fun doing them.
I like hangin with mah friends, playin my guitar, drivin around in other people's cars, and listeing to music more than any sane person would.
I'm a vegan, and I preach it to some people online sometimes, people always ask me "What do you eat?", I eat anything but animal produxts.. I love Panthers, and </b>I Love Hedgehogs! And I got to hold one 2 days ago!!!</b>
I like smoking cigarettes and pot sticks (DOOBIE) :P (Can I say that?) I like to get drunk with my friends, I don't drink and drive, I'm smarter than that (and I don't have my license).
I like to daze off in school, get low marks, and act sossy to hot science interns ;)
I Like Fight Club, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Requiem For A Dream, The Salton Sea, Trainspotting, and Girl, Interrupted.
And I Love Drug Addicted Thin Boys!!!!

You should all check out my journal cause it's ROCKIN! I love Billy.. Yeah, I'm gone..

is crazy
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very cool

and yay for you loving Billy! He rocks!
Yes he does. Have you seen my community? Check it out :)

i don't think i gave myself a proper introduction.
-loser, opinionated, bitchy, blunt, sarcastic, vegetarian, sXe

so what's my point?
-Requiem For A Dream and Girl, Interrupted are the best movies
-Billy, guitars, and cars all rock
-thin boys <3

your journal has pretty colours
i [heart] your icon

Yo, thanks :)
My journal is rockin, we know it :P
Psht, i think its time for me to shut up now.
i'm gonna add you as a friend
hope thats okay
thats rockin also :) Lol, its cool
where is a doobie?
i would like one! please!