That one kid. You know, the dorky one. (moonprincess232) wrote in your_world,
That one kid. You know, the dorky one.

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Hi there kids. My name is Kim aka Skittery. I'm fourteen. I live in a hick town. My AIM screename is duckieturtlegirl. I can be e-mailed at I really want some people to IM with. So, I'd be much obliged if anyone willing to discuss:

*Good Charlotte
*How to use a 7-Eleven Slurpee machine
*The Little Mermaid
*Donnie Darko
*Nifty inexpensive clothing retailers
*My future as a bigass dork

would please not hesitate to IM me. I will warn you, however, I am very indecisive, strange and completely random in my conversations. I find that the people I get along with best appreciate rather than resent these traits.

Thanks a million.

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waves hi* was up? welcome
you should probly be expecting an IM from me cuz I'm quite random too.. and i'm usually online, bored, not having a life.. sooo hi!