alexandra. kind of. (disconsolated) wrote in your_world,
alexandra. kind of.

Hi there, I possibly might've posted in here before, but if I have...then I surely do not remember it. Heh. Er. Anywhoo.
Th'name is Ali and I am obssessor over music. I really love Bright Eyes (I've chased Conor Oberst down the street with a camera. yeah. dont ask). I am constantly bored, so if you could IM me sometime at nixon loves you, then that would be very dandy.

Also, if someone could make me an icon out of the picture in the link below, that would be awesome. The picture should be one of Conor Oberst leaning against a tree....if you are able to make the icon, could you please make the icon mostly Conor's face ( upper-half or whatever)? I'm sorry, I dont think I make sense. But thanks muchly if you can make the icon!
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