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Welcome to your_world. This is a community where you can talk about anything and everything. You can talk about issues your having, your favorite band/musician/song, your favorite movie/actor/actress..whatever you want. You can request icons, even. There's a few rules.

1] Be friendly. First arguement that occurs between any people..everyone involved is out of the community.
2] Make friends. Comment. IM people.
3] Post in the community. Don't join and never post.
4] Request icons only. No layouts, no blinkies.
5] When you first post in the community give some info about yourself. Name, age, ocation, interests, hobbies and AIM/AOL name.
6] If you post surveys, quizzes, pictures, icons, etc use the cut tag.
7] Be mature.
8] d0n'T tyPe lYKe dIz--Itz anN0yInG
9] Have fun!

1] We will possibly have chats. Thus the reason AIM/AOL name is needed.
2] We will befriend each other and talk on AOL/AIM..whatever.
3] I will remove people for inactivity.
4] If you don't use the cut tag when posting surveys, quizzes, icons, pics, etc you'll only get one warning-then you'll be banned from posting for a week...second warning-you get booted.